Frequently Asked Questions

Are the shares of IGFL traded on any exchange?
Yes, shares of IGFL are traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The scrip code and ID on which they are traded are -
Scrip Code – 511391;   Scrip ID - INTRGLB

What is Dematerialisation?
Dematerialisation is a process by which the physical share certificates of an investor are taken back by the Company and an equivalent number of securities are credited in electronic form at the request of the investor. An investor will have to first open an account with a Depository Participant and then request for the dematerialisation of his share certificates through the Depository Participant so that the dematerialised holdings can be credited into that account.
Demat facilitates paperless trading whereby securities transactions are executed electronically reducing / mitigating possibility of loss of related documents and / or fraudulent transactions. Trading in demat form is regulated by the Depositories Act, 1996 and is monitored by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Are the shares of the company dematerialized?
Dematerialisation (“Demat” in short form) signifies conversion of a share certificate from its physical form to electronic form for the same number of holding which is credited to your demat account which you open with a Depository Participant (DP).
The shares of IGFL are dematerialized. The shares issued by the company are admitted with CDSL & NSDL vide ISIN – INE661M01016 and have been made live in CDSL system on 29th Oct 2011 and NSDL system on 26th Dec.’2011.

What is the process for dematerialisation of shares?
Share holders can get the shares dematerialized by applying to any of the depository participants (DPs) registered with CDSL. The latest list of DPs can be obtained from

  • Open Beneficiary Account with a DP registered with SEBI.
  • Submit Demat Request Form (DRF) as given by the DP, duly signed by all the holders with the names and signature in the same order as appearing in the concerned certificate(s) and the Company records, along with requisite documentary proof.
  • Obtain acknowledgment from the DP on handing over the share certificate(s).
  • Demat transfers are required to be completed in 21 days as against 30 days (excluding time for dispatch) for physical transfer. Service standard prescribed by the Company for completing demat is three days from the date of the receipt of requisite documents for the purpose.
  • Receive a confirmation statement of holdings from the DP. Statement of holdings is sent by the DPs from time to time. Presently, confirmation is given by DPs on an immediate basis through email or SMS facilities, thus enabling shareholders to further trade in the securities immediately. Shareholders should not send share certificate(s) / documents to the Company / Company's R&TA directly.

What is the ISIN No. of the Company?
ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) is a unique identification number for a security traded in dematerialised form. The shares issued by the company are admitted with CDSL & NSDL vide ISIN – INE661M01016.

How to get dividends on dematerialised shares?
The Depositories will give the list of demat account holders and the number of shares held by them in electronic form on the Record date to the Registrars and Transfer Agents of the Company (known as Benpos). On the basis of Benpos, the Company will issue dividend warrants in favour of the demat account holders.
Dividend of shareholders holding shares in dematerialised form will be credited through ECS to the bank accounts as opted by them while opening the Beneficiary Accounts with the DP. In other cases, dividend warrants will be despatched to them with the bank account details, as furnished by the Depositories, printed thereon.

Has the company declared any Dividend in the recent past?
The share holders approved a dividend @ 25p per share for the FY 2010-11. Dividend warrants to share holders as on 3rd September 2011 (record date) have been dispatched. Please contact our Registrar “M/S Niche Technologies Private Limited” for non receipt of dividend.

Will shareholders get the Annual Report after dematerislising their shares and would they be able to attend the AGM?
The rights of the shareholders holding shares in demat form are at par with the holders in physical form. Hence they will be eligible to get the Annual Report and will have the right to attend the AGM as a shareholder.

What are the chances of any fraud/disputes in using a demat account? Whom should the shareholder approach in such cases?
Common risk factors applicable to trading in physical shares like mismatch in signatures, loss in postal transit, etc., are absent since the dematerialised shares are traded scripless. However, in the unlikely event of any other dispute, the concerned Stock Exchange and/or Depository Custodian viz. NSDL/CDSL or SEBI would have to be approached for resolving such issues.

What is the process for transfer of shares, change in address details?
Please contact our Share transfer Agent / Registrar for the same.

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